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Liliana DANILA
Financial Security Advisor

AMF License Number: 177201

We are focusing on providing personalized and high quality service to our clients.
“My mission is to help families across Quebec find the best, most affordable coverage so they can give to their loved ones the protection they need.”
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Maria C. Rusu – Teacher, Montreal

Meet Liliana

Hello, I’m Liliana Danila and I help families across Quebec protect their loved ones by designing and implementing financial strategies and solutions they can take advantage of. It’s never too late or too early to financially secure your family.

As a financial security advisor licensed in Quebec, I can guide you to find an affordable solution.

I listen to what you want for your loved ones and together we create a plan to help you get there.

I will be glad to guide you based on your financial needs, regardless of your budget or medical health issues. In fact, I can assist you with advice, strategies, recommendations, financial products and services that can create new financial possibilities for you and your family.

During my 13 years as a financial security advisor, I helped people to understand and to implement financial protection strategies that works for them.

Working with Liliana

Let me tell you how you can benefit if you are working with me as your financial advisor.

First, I assess your current situation and your needs to financially secure your family.

Then, I determine your short-term and long-term financial goals, such as building an emergency fund to make sure there is money when your family needs it the most.
Also, I will give you advice on the financial products that are most suitable for you.

Finally, I will come with financial strategies and solutions to make sure you and your family will be financially secure in case of different life circumstances, expected or unexpected.

I lead my business with professionalism, integrity, and honestly.

My service is free of charge but to be able to help you and work together, there are some qualifying conditions.

To see if you qualify and how I can help you to financially secure your family, schedule your appointment  here:

A little about Liliana

I’m a wife and a mother of two amazing children

In 2001, we immigrated to Canada from Romania.

My university education in computer science helped me develop very structured, organized, and problem-solving skills and attitude.

In contrast, my college education in the medical field makes me be an emphatic person, with excellent communication skills who cares for her clients.

Arriving in Canada it was difficult to choose the ideal carrier.

So, for two years I worked as a nurse and a financial security advisor.

In 2009, after my second child was born, I chose to work only as a financial security advisor.

By the way, my first contact with this profession was a short time after I arrived in Canada.

Now, I can almost hear the question that one of my co-workers asked me: ”Girl, if today, while driving back home from work, you have a fatal accident on the highway, who will financially take care of your seven year old daughter?“

Imagine what I answered: “The government!”

She laughed and said: “Ok! Right now, I will book an appointment for you with a financial security advisor.”

Even though I was not ready for such a meeting, I accepted. And, from that moment on everything changed for me.

Unfortunately, people don’t take the time to talk with a financial security advisor until it’s too late.  They don’t plan to fail. They fail to plan.

Don’t be like those people. Schedule your Financial Security call now and let me help you to financially secure your family before it's too late.

I shop the top-rated insurance companies to find you the right plan at the best price